Award-Winning Pizza

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Eataly Stockholm wins pizza award

We have some exciting news, amici. Eataly Stockholm is proud to announce that we have won Gambero Rosso’s prestigious pizza award! Every year, the Italian food and wine guide selects the best Italian restaurants in the world, and in May we received the award Top Italian Restaurants 2022 for our pizzas. The award is known throughout Italy and among passionate food lovers worldwide. We can now proudly say that we offer some of the best pizzas in all of Sweden!

The guide’s award is divided into four different categories. The pizza price, which is rated with pizza slices, goes to Italian pizzerias that use the finest fresh ingredients, respects simple products and regional traditions and shows exquisitely Italian creativity.

Eataly’s award is motivated with exactly that – our use of high-quality ingredientsorganic flour, our long preparation process (we ferment the pizza dough for 50 hours!) and of course the authentic taste. It is received for all our pizzas: the Roman Pizza alla Pala, Pizza al Padellino and the Pizza Originale with crunchy edges and fluffy middle.

Welcome to Eataly Stockholm to enjoy high-quality pizza, straight from our hot oven to your table. Book your table below to try the award-winning pizza yourself, or come by and take it with you out in the sunshine.


What is Gambero Rosso?

Gambero Rosso is Italy’s largest food, wine and restaurant guide and can be compared to the Swedish White Guide. The guide was founded in 1987 and has its own online guide, where all ranked Italian restaurants are presented.

Welcome to Eataly for authentic Italian pizza in the heart of Stockholm!