Make Eataly your Christmas tradition

Looking for a the right place for your Christmas buffet, a party, private dinner or gifts for your colleagues and friends?

Eataly Stockholm offers a variety of options, always with the highest quality and an Italian twist, such as:

  • Italian Christmas buffet (julbord)
  • Christmas dinners for bigger groups
  • Private rooms for Christmas celebrations: mingles, dinners, parties
  • Elegant and delicious Christmas presents and ready-to-go gift boxes
  • Wine tastings with buffet, Christmas style

Explore all our gift ideas and events for your friends, partner, family and company Christmas celebration.

italienskt julbord på Eataly

Italian Christmas buffet

Enjoy the best Italian Christmas flavors with our tasty buffet. Set in our genuine and convivial atmosphere, we prepare a wonderful buffet filled with the best delicacies from Italy, from delicious antipasti and warming main courses to divine desserts.

We only accept bookings of minimum 20 people, or private bookings. If you want to sit more secluded and private, we offer several exclusive private rooms.

Date: November 7-December 23


For questions and bookings, please email:

Christmas menus for bigger groups

Gather the whole family, group of friends or colleagues for a Christmas lunch or dinner in Italian style. In our beautiful restaurant, we serve our Italian Christmas menu, carefully prepared with the finest ingredients, to share at the table for bigger groups from 12 people.

We offer two menus with a selection of Italy’s best classics, from sea food salad to creamy mushroom risotto and, of course, the Christmas dessert panettone.

  • 4 courses menu: 580 sek
  • 5 courses menu: 700 sek

For a full experience we offer a selection of Italian wines, beers, schnapps and non-alcoholic options. Our a la carte menu is served to children up to 8 years old.

Date: November 7-12/23
Available for 12 people and more.


For more info and bookings, please email:

Chambre separee – private celebrations and dinners

Corporate event, private dinner or a separate Christmas buffet? If you’re looking for a more secluded and private space, we offer a number of chambre séparée for all types of events. We are flexible and are happy to tailor your event based on your your requests.

In our beautiful setting, we offer several private rooms in different sizes, all offering an intimate and elegant atmosphere. Discover our chef’s carefully curated Christmas menus, inspired by Italian traditions, and let us help you create an unforgettable experience:


For more info and bookings, please email:

Presentbox Julgåva

Christmas gifts and gifts for food lovers

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present, look no further! All our Christmas gifts are tasty, timeless and delicate, and from the best Italian producers.

We offer a variety of elegant Christmas gifts such as prepared gift boxes, the Christmas cake panettone, high-quality delicacies and gift cards.

Find the perfect Christmas gifts for company employees, customers, friends and family below.


Luxurious and delicious gift boxes, ready-to-go

In Italy, food has always been the most precious gift. Give the gift of Italian food traditions with our three ready-to-go gift boxes, elegantly wrapped and filled with the best Italian ingredients.

We also offer the opportunity to create your own perfect gift box with your, or their, favorite products.

For more info and orders, please email:

Eataly’s gift card

The perfect gift for those who already have everything. Our gift card is valid throughout the store – in the restaurant, food market and cooking school.

Give the foodies in your life the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality meal prepared by our chefs in the restaurant, shop high-quality Italian products in the food market and take classes in our cooking school La Scuola.

Buy a gift card of any value in our store or via Amoi for a gift that is sure to be appreciated.

italiensk panettone med vitchoklad och pistage

Panettone and Panettone – the Italian Holiday Christmas cakes

In Italy, the Christmas holiday would not be complete without the Christmas cakes panettoni and pandori: they are as iconic as our Christmas tree or the mistletoe in other cultures. Traditionally, Italians give the festively wrapped cake as a gift during the Christmas holidays, which is said to bring luck and prosperity to the new year.

Panettone literally means “large bread” and is a sweet, eggy cake traditionally decorated with candied and dried fruit (although we love more modern variations, like hazelnut, pistachio,  chocolate or even gin and tonic!). With its long leavening, the cake rises and takes on its famous, dome shape.

At Eataly you will find over 10 different varieties, only made with the finest ingredients. Come by our market and find your favorite!

vinmässa eataly

Italian Wine Fair – Christmas Edition

Taste fantastic wines in a magical atmosphere at Italian Wine Fair – Christmas Edition!

On December 6 and 20, come for a festive celebration with Italian wines and a mouthwatering seasonal buffet. We present a careful selection of over 20 Italian wines along with an unlimited buffet filled with Italy’s best delicacies: cheeses, charcuterie, fried antipasti, pizza, the traditional Christmas dishes, desserts and much more.

Try four different wines (you choose which ones!), eat from the buffet and enjoy an Italian experience in our historic location. Learn from our knowledgeable wine experts, who will tell you all about the wines and guide you through the wine experience. Please note that seats are not guaranteed. 

Come to toast, expand your knowledge and enjoy a wonderful evening in our extraordinary atmosphere.

Book now below and let the festivities begin!


Mysig jul på Eataly i Stockholm

Make Eataly your Christmas tradition!