Delicious daily, every weekday

Looking for your delicious lunch of the day, located in the heart of Stockholm?

Every Monday to Friday at 11.00-15.00, a wide selection of delicious dishes, prepared on seasonal ingredients, are offered at the special price of 145 SEK.


At Eataly Stockholm, we strive to be Italian culinary experts and we update our Italian menu continuously. During lunchtime we serve classic dishes with great variety from the Italian kitchen.

Come and discover new fall favourites with influences taken from northern to southern Italy – Our menu is wide and varied with vegetarian options and modified recipes for food allergies, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone. By always striving to provide the best service, we aim for our restaurants to feel like your Italian home in the city.

Welcome to enjoy Today’s lunch in a magical environment!


Today´s lunch is offered  in both our restaurants: La Piazza and La Piazzetta.