Drink Events at Eataly

Discover one of our favorite traditions – l’aperitivo! For centuries Italians have said cheers – cin cin – over drinks and appetizers in the early evening hours between work and dinner. Every month, you can enjoy the beloved cultural ritual and Italy’s wide range of beverage at Eataly Stockholm. Discover how below!


Italian Spring Wine Fair

Experience Italian spring, right in the heart of Stockholm! May 18, we welcome you to Eataly to enjoy Italian spring flavors through wine tastings and a rich seasonal buffet. There is a limited number of seats – so be sure to make your reservation today to not miss out!

The price includes five wine tastings and an Italian buffet filled with delicious finger food such as charcuteries, cheeses, pizza, pasta, fried antipasti and sweet desserts.

WHERE: La Piazza
WHEN: May 18
 400 sek/person
WHAT: 5 wine samples and a seasonal buffet.




Tasting with the producer 

Meet the producer and taste a unique selection of wines from the land of Barolo, the kingdom of wine. Included are 6 tastings and area typical dishes (buffet). Surprise the wine lover within you and explore new refreshing favorites on this special night.

WHERE: La Piazza
WHEN: May 24, 6 pm
350 sek/person
WHAT: 6 wine samples and a buffet.




Wine O’clock

Join us on a trip to Italian wineries to discover Italys unique palette of flavors. Every Thursday, you can enjoy a tasting of three wines together with typical street food specialties at Wine O’clock. Bring your friends to sip on wines and enjoy a tagliere with Italian delicacies.

All guidelines by Swedish health ministry are followed to enable a safe experience for you.

WHERE: La Piazza
WHEN: Every Thursday 6pm
PRICE: 295 sek/person
WHAT: Tasting of 3 wines and tagliere with typical Italian street food


Vetz Aperitivo

Indulge in refreshing drinks, welcome wonderful spring with a fresh vetz night. Cooled by ice and added an extra freshness through a slice of lemon or orange, this truly is the perfect Italian drinks. Welcome to Vetz Aperitivo.

WHERE: La Piazzetta
WHEN: May 19, 6pm
PRICE: 250 sek






Afterwork med pizza och vin på Eataly

The Italian way

End the day like a true Italian – with an aperitivo! The tradition comes from the Latin verb aperire, “to open” the stomach before eating. Consequently, for centuries, Italians have said toast – cin cin – over drinks and appetizers during the early evening hours between work and dinner.

Come to La Piazza to discover the Italian afterwork under glittering chandeliers with a refreshing drink and a slice of pizza.

WHERE: La Piazza
WHEN: Mon-Thurs from 16.00-19.00
PRICE: 150 sek/person
WHAT: 1 drink from the list of the night and 1 slice of pizza alla pala

Want to learn more about the Italian cultural ritual aperitivo? Check out our aperitivo-guide!


Fritto e bollicine

Delicious, frizzy and indulging. Enjoy afterwork at La Piazzetta with the best fried Italian antipasti! Monday to Friday, we welcome you to our intimate restaurant to enjoy Italy’s best fried antipasti together with a glass of sparkling wine.

WHERE: La Piazzetta
WHEN: Monday to Friday, from 17.00 to 19.00
WHAT: One drink and one plate with delicious fried antipasti “Fritto e Bollicine”
PRICE: 150 sek/person


Bring your crew to say cin-cin at Eataly Stockholm!