Eataly’s Fresh Pasta

Every day at Eataly, our pastai, or pastamakers, transform simple ingredients into intricate pasta shapes inspired by the rich traditions of every Italian region using simple high-quality ingredients: water, flour, and eggs. Our fresh pasta is made in our own pasta lab, where you can see the magic happen with your own eyes! Discover how to enjoy our pasta at Eataly Stockholm:



At Eataly, you can always enjoy delicious, Italian pasta. Every Thursday at Pasta & Pizza, discover our Fresh Pasta Night: You choose which pasta you want from our pasta lab, what sauce you want – then we take over while you sit down, relax and enjoy.


Feeling inspired by all this pasta talk? Try your hand at making fresh pasta at home – but we’ll take care of the pasta fresca part! In our pasta lab you can choose what type of pasta you want to bring home, and get it directly from the counter. In the market we offer fresh pasta, ready to go. Ask our product specialist for pairing tips!


Want to take your love for pasta to the next level? Seize the day (and the rolling pin) and learn how to make it yourself at one of our pasta-themed classes at La Scuola. During the course you’ll learn how to make fresh pasta dough and try your hand at different traditional pasta shapes, guided by our expert pastai. Of course, you’ll also get to savor a dish prepared by our chefs paired with fine Italian wine.