Fall flavours with Eataly and ITA

Taste and be inspired. This fall, Eataly Stockholm embraces its core values – Eat. Shop. Learn. And we do it by organizing a number of events, tastings in our market and by shedding a bit of extra light on some of our favourite Italian ingredients.   

Eataly Stockholm market

Extra virgin olive oil

The oil of oils. November means harvest time for olives. Olives are picked and then pressed. Finally, they find their way to shelves in Sweden and Eataly promotes Italian exports by ensuring a wide and deep range. The olive oils on our shelfs is best hugged by a piece of freshly baked bread, or streamed on the salad, on the pizza, on the pasta. Come by and enjoy a typical Italian autumn sign – olive oil.


Creamy, full-bodied and round in taste. Do you love pesto as much as we do? We work with the best brands of Italy and we take pride in only offering high quality pesto from producers with long experience. Classic pesto Genovese, organic pesto, pesto with sun-dried tomatoes and pistachios – We have pesto that suits most gums.

Do not missed that several of our products from the market are available with a click:




Get ready to dig up one of Italy’s most appreciated ingredients – truffles. In season like never before – throughout the fall, treat yourself to this beloved Italian classic by eating fresh pasta with black truffle served at La Piazza. Or, buy fresh truffles over the counter in our market and create unforgettable food memories with your family. A sharp aroma. Delicate taste. Nothing beats the truffle. This season we celebrate this unique delicacy in our market and in our restaurants with offers and completely new truffle dishes in our restaurants.





A global joint project between ITA and Eataly which, under the umbrella of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for international cooperation, aims to provide a greater understanding of Italian food and wine culture; from traditions to biodiversity. In our market, and in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, we focus even more on the unique and genuine properties of our Italian food products that make them stand out in a crowd. You will be able to take part in courses, tastings and events to learn more about Italian food culture, the biological diversity and the centuries-old traditions behind Italian food.