Ferrari Trento #ToTheMaximum

Ferrari Trento #ToTheMaximum

It was in 1902 when Giulio Ferrari decided to establish a small winery in Trento, foreseeing the immense potential of its mountains for cultivating Chardonnay, the ideal grape variety for crafting excellent sparkling wines. Today, Ferrari Trento is synonymous with Italian toasts, thanks to an uninterrupted series of awards and recognitions that reaffirm year after year what Giulio Ferrari dreamt of over a century ago – creating a wine capable of rivaling the finest Champagnes.

A genuine commitment to excellence, coupled with an innovative spirit and a strong connection to the Trentino region, are the values that, following Giulio Ferrari, have consistently guided the entrepreneurial vision of the Lunelli family, steering the company for three generations. This translates today into an ongoing pursuit of quality, a perpetually dynamic approach to the brand, and a robust dedication to sustainability.

A 120-Year Story Looking Towards the Future

For Ferrari Trento, which recently celebrated its 120-year history, it’s evident that the company’s mission extends beyond creating value for shareholders. It also aims to generate well-being, safety, and beauty for its employees and the community it resides in, showcasing social responsibility and a strong commitment to the environment.

This commitment began over a decade ago, resulting in the organic and Biodiversity Friend certification of all owned vineyards. It also led to the development of the “Il Vigneto Ferrari – for Sustainable and Healthy Mountain Viticulture” protocol for grape suppliers and now, the certification of Carbon Neutrality scopes 1, 2, and partially 3. Ferrari Trento’s emissions have been certified and offset by Climate Partner, an international company specializing in evaluating and addressing climate impact issues, following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, one of the most recognized international methods.

The goal, which renders the direct emissions’ climate impact of the company to zero, has been achieved through a series of long-standing initiatives aimed at emission reduction. These include installing a photovoltaic park on the winery’s roof, sourcing electricity solely from renewable sources, and engaging in offset activities with certified carbon credits.

“We are particularly proud that our cellar’s 120th anniversary coincides with reaching Carbon Neutrality,” stated Matteo Lunelli, President and CEO of Ferrari Trento. “For over 120 years, we have fostered a virtuous relationship with our territory, one we wish to promote and safeguard. As we celebrate our history, we aim to look forward and bear the responsibility of contributing to the challenge against climate change.”

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