Guided aperitivo: Grana Padano

Den italienska osten Grana Padano italiensk aperitivo

June 19th something special happens at Eataly Stockholm: Consorzio visits for a guided tasting and lecture about one of Italy’s most beloved cheeses: Grana Padano.  You will learn all about the cheese, including how the cheese is made, the producer’s story, and see the magic cheese wheel opening while you sip on a glass of prosecco. Then  – finally – we’ll taste the fresh Grana Padano. You don’t want to miss this!

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About the event:

Date: June 19th
Time: 17.30-19.00
Price: 125 sek
Place: Biblioteksgatan 5, at La Piazza.

En av italiensk mest älskade ostar Grana Padano