Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re like us, there’s only one holiday gift you can imagine giving and receiving: high-quality food. From the best regional Italian ingredients to traditional Milanese panettone, our gifts are rich and sweet, timelessly delicious, and always a hit at any party.

This year, show that you care by giving the gift of food to the ones you love (and that includes yourself!). Explore our marketplace of gifts throughout the holidays to find the best gifts for mom or dad, for your friends, partner and beyond.

Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Italian gift ideas

Find the right Italian treat for everyone on your list this holiday season with 10 of our favorite gifts.

julklappstips italienska delikatesser i vacker presentask


Skip the socks this year – why not surprise your loved ones with something they haven’t had before? Overflowing with quality ingredients from Italy, each of our holiday gift baskets is hand-packed with a unique, curated theme, from regions to truffle.

Choose between our ready-to-go or build your own to make completely customized gift baskets with your favorite ingredients.



Wrapped in festive paper, this sweet and fluffy holiday dessert is a traditional, crowd-pleasing favorite. Hailing from Milano, each slice offers a taste of the high-quality flour, eggs, and dried fruit, which symbolize luck and prosperity.

In our market, explore over 10 different varieties, from the traditional raisin and candied fruit filling to more modern varieties such as chocolate and pistachio.

matlagningskurs färsk pasta på Eataly Stockholm


There is nothing better than experiencing the joy of food together. In our cooking school La Scuola you can learn how to make your own fresh pasta, the perfect pizza, sweet pastries or learn all about Italian wines.

Discover our cooking classes below and give a fun experience as a Christmas present!


vackra olivolja flaskor eataly stockholm


In Italy, it’s not uncommon to gift your loved ones a fine bottle of extra virgin olive oil. This year, take a page from our book and surprise someone with a hand-picked (literally) ceramic bottle of olio d’oliva, made from cold-pressed, 100% Italian olives. What could be a more unique gift to bring to a holiday gathering?


Made according to old-world Italian tradition and with just three ingredients, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP is nothing but the real deal. With each bite, savor the rich flavors and granular texture that only gets better with age. Consider a hunk as a prized addition to any antipasto board, or a special gift to keep the festive flavor coming for months to come.


Unwrap something fragrant, that is good for your body as well! At Eataly, we believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes into it. Our beauty products are inspired by the healing nutrients found in traditional ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, apples, honey, milk, and more.

Just as our food producers follow centuries of tradition, so do these iconic Italian manufacturers of lotions, soaps, and personal care products.


Using only the finest raw ingredients, our artisanal chocolatiers in Italy create a variety of shapes, textures, and flavors according to traditional recipes, artisanal chocolate made from premium cacao beans is perfect for any mood and every occasion.

Beautifully wrapped chocolate truffles, luxurious chocolate spreads and chocolate bars with the most exclusive hazelnuts – gift the best Italian chocolate in festive wrappings!

italienska kakor i vackra askar på eataly stockholm

8. COOKIES (cantucci, baci di dama, amaretti,)

In Italy, we have always considered good food to be the best gift! From crunchy Cantucci to buttery biscotti, our Italian cookies are made with the finest natural ingredients, promising to add a sweet, wholesome twist to your day.

Ready to go in beautiful packages, there is a cookie in our market for everyone – gluten intolerants included!

bra pastamaskin eataly stockholm


The perfect gift for the passionate home cook? A pasta machine of course!

The Atlas 150 Pasta Machine is the top choice for manual pasta machines among chefs and home cooks alike. With a sleek chrome design, processed and assembled in Italy, this is an elegant, durable kitchen tool for making homemade pasta, from spaghetti and tagliatelle to ravioli.

Discover several different colors in our food market!


A gift for any occasion, our gift cards open the door to Italian cuisine, offering an abundance of high-quality food and drink from Italy’s 20 regions. Give the food lovers in your life the opportunity to enjoy our chefs’ prepared dishes at our restaurants and counters; shop our high-quality local and Italian products in our marketplace; and discover classes offered at La Scuola, our cooking school.


Welcome to Eataly Stockholm’s marketplace for the best Christmas gifts with a taste of Italy. Buone feste!