Celebrating Italian Excellence with the Italian Trade Agency

This year, Eataly is partnering with the Italian Trade Agency to celebrate Italian excellence in the world of food and drink.

This worldwide joint project between ITA and Eataly, under the umbrella of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, aims to bring a deeper understanding of Italian food and wine culture and biodiversity in 5 primary destination markets for Italy’s exports: USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the UAE.

Throughout the 11 Eataly stores involved worldwide, and in partnership with the Italian Trade Agency, we’ll be focusing even more on the authenticity and unique traits that make our Italian food and wine products stand out.  That goes for our current selection of over 10,000 products, plus new ones still to come which will complete the wealth, diversity, and quality of Italian products offered in the countries promoting the partnership.

From classes and tastings to special dishes in our restaurants, you’ll get to experience and learn about the variety, biodiversity, and centuries-old traditions behind Italian food and wine, as well as the culinary culture behind them.
Keep checking back at your local Eataly for more updates!

Explore our past events with the Italian Trade Agency.

Tune in on one of the below accounts to learn about three key products from our chefs and experts that represent the best of Italian excellence and are beloved worldwide.

Eataly Flatiron & Eataly Munich: 
From the iconic grapes you know and love to the unique growing methods that make each region unique, learn all about Italian wine. Follow @eatalyflatiron and @eatalymuenchen to watch the video.

Eataly Los Angeles & Eataly Stockholm: 
Dive deep into the harvest, the process, the varieties, and everything that makes a bottle of Italian extra virgin olive oil precious. Follow @eatalyla and @eatalysthlm to watch the video.

Eataly Toronto & Eataly Dubai:
 Learn the secrets behind dried pasta di Gragnano IGP and the different regional shapes based on centuries of tradition. Follow @eatalytoronto and @eatalyarabia to watch the video.

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