January Calendar

Music in the dining area, wine drop-in at 6 pm and debriefing with the collegues over pizza; the January events is bringing you a happy continuation on the new year.




Mondays 6pm-8pm, starting January 17.

Eataly Stockholm is located in the historical building of a loved old cinema. Memories and the echoe of former movie premieres and live orchestras lives in the walls. Here, in the former cinema Röda kvarn, film music once set the mood. Our piano evenings can be seen as a tribute to culture and history. A music hall that takes dinner seriously, or a restaurant that believe food is best served with music. No matter the words used to describe this, the food and the music will definitely speak for themselves.

Come for a combo out of the ordinary: PIANO NIGHT- every Monday 6pm-8pm, starting January 10, at La Piazza.  Menu is a la carte.

Piano Night is held in the beautiful restaurant La Piazza. Make an ordinary restaurant reservation to book, and make sure your booking is for a Monday between 6pm-8pm. 



Thursdays, 6 pm, starting January 13.

You are invited on a trip to Italian wineries and Italys unique palette of flavors. Street food specialties are served with the best wines of Italy. Price includes tasting of 3 different wines and tagliere (tray with Italian delicacies). All guidelines by Swedish health ministry are followed to enable a safe experience for you.

WHEN: Every Thursday starting January 13, 6 pm.

PRICE: SEK 295 / person

WHAT: Tasting of 3 wines and tagliere with typical Italian street food.



End the day with something refreshing and a slice of pizza. Or, let us not stop at Afterwork – embrace it the true Italian way. Let your afterwork become apertivo and awake your appetite. Apertivo is a drink before dinner, an experience that has become a cultural ritual in Italy. The tradition comes from the Latin verb aperire, “to open” the stomach before eating. Consequently, for centuries, Italians have said toast – cin cin – over drinks and appetizers during the early evening hours between work and dinner. Traditionally, an aperitivo is a bitter and low-alcohol beverage, like the spritzen made from prosecco, aperol and mineral water. Today there are more choices from wine to beer, to a variety of mixed drinks.

A typical aperitivo includes smaller snacks such as biscuits, olives, charcuterie, cheese and bread. Leave it at afterwork or continue with a good dinner in one of our restaurants.

WHEN: Mon-Thurs from 4 pm to 7 pm

PRICE: SEK 150 / person

WHAT: 1 drink from the list of the night and 1 slice of pizza alla pala.

A good continuation of the new year begins at Eataly Stockholm.