La Piazzetta

If La Piazza is a bustling square for nice evenings and business lunches, then La Piazzetta is the extension of that square where the feast starts a bit earlier, where the atmosphere is even more soft and unpretentious, if possible, and where delicious food is served – especially as Italian tapas or piattini. Small dishes are food to be shared. If anything it is love to share. So, bring your friends and enjoy the feast. Of course, we can not live without Pasta & Pizza, given classics on the menu – baked to perfection!



Opening hours La Piazzetta

Mon-Thur: 11.00-22.00
Fri-Sat: 11.00-23.00
Sundays: 11.00-17.00



At Eataly, we love Italian gastronomy and hope you as our guest notice this when you visit us. We always, and exclusively, work with carefully selected suppliers and the finest raw products. In general, Italian cuisine always places great emphasis on a few, but well-prepared ingredients per dish. At La Piazzetta this ambition comes to full bloom. By working according to this simple principle when we create our Italian tapas we have created a great selection of Italian tapas with different taste and presentation. At Eataly, every Italian tapas has a clear lead ingredient, where the flavors and colors are composed of few, carefully selected components.


“Simple and super tasty.” 


In a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere 

Taste. Smell. See. When enjoying Italian food all your senses activates and contributes to conversation and social relationships. Share and gather friends and family to experience a true Italian family dinner. It’s love to share. 



La Piazzetta Menu 

In addition to Italian tapas, La Piazzetta menu also includes a variety of classic Italian pasta and pizza – a wide range of vegetarian, meat and fish options.

Recommendation from the chef! Try our Pizza al padellino – a superb novelty. Pizza al padellino is a higher pizza prepared according to piedmontese traditional rules, resulting in a super fluffy inside and crunchy outside. Topped with drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.  


Today’s lunch 

Today’s lunch is served here Monday to Friday 11-15. 

For lunch, we always offer four different options at the same price. Choose between today’s pasta, pizza, salad or soup. 

Price: 145 sek 



At Eataly Stockholm, we believe that one of the greatest sources of happiness can be found with friends, enjoying healthy drinks and delicious food. It’s love to share. Come and share our love for Italian gastronomy!