La Scuola – knowledge is served

La Scuola contains culinary knowledge. La Scuola is a place where you learn to enhance your enjoyment of food. Now we are launching a series of exciting new courses for fall, and at the same time a completely new platform where you can read more about each course. 


The ambition of La Scuola is to spread knowledge about Italian cooking in a fun and inspiring way. Our belief is that if you know about the craft behind each ingredient, the more you will learn to appreciate its flavors – both the simple and the more complex.

Guided by our chefs, in our kitchen belonging to La Scuola, or downstairs in one of our professional kitchens, you will learn how to cook the traditional Italian classics. With products from our food market, you can become a better pizza baker or a pasta professional. Share a special moment with your children during a private course. Or, come with friends to enjoy good snacks and wine, before enjoying your gastronomic creation – the great final of a lovely learnful evening. Come and discover our kitchen, our chefs and the producers who inspire us. The more you know, the more you enjoy. 

The more you know, the more you enjoy.