The Easter Cakes from the Ancient Pastry Shop Muzzi Tommaso

We want to tell you the story of a unique brand, closely linked to its founder, who has passed down the passion for excellence to his family, generation after generation. We are talking about Muzzi Tommaso, who since 1913 (for over 100 years) has been carrying on the tradition of ancient pastry with passion, knowledge, hard work, and sacrifice, producing unique sweets every day that best represent our pastry tradition. 

Carefully selected ingredients, expertly refreshed sourdough starter every day, and slow processing are some of the key elements that give life to these special sweets, making festive occasions even more unforgettable. 

Some of their flagship products? The Easter Colombe, from the most classic to the most indulgent reinterpretations, all prepared according to the ancient family tradition but with a keen eye on contemporary tastes. 

How Muzzi Tommaso pastries are made 

Every dough begins with the sourdough starter, which is the true protagonist of the entire production process. It’s a living element made with few ingredients, carefully measured, and continuously refreshed, capable of giving Muzzi Tommaso’s leavened sweets a unique taste, fragrance, and softness. 

The dough processing involves 5 stages, during which the ingredients are gradually added to ensure that the sourdough starter (which must not be overdosed) naturally and slowly leavens the dough. This initial part of the process, where all the “white” ingredients – flour, sugar, butter, egg yolk, and yeast – are measured, lasts a total of 6 hours. 

Distinctive ingredients such as chocolate chips, candied fruit, sour cherries, and others are added in the final stages: the last 10 minutes are crucial to homogenize the dough and impeccably distribute all the ingredients within it. Finally, the dough is divided and manually shaped into “rolls”, during which it is rotated and the shape to be inserted into the appropriate mold is defined. The pastries are then baked in the oven, finished, and once ready, packaged with elegant and colorful sheets of paper and refined ribbons, making them a gift of unique charm. 

Colombe for every taste from Tommaso Muzzi

Frrom the classics to the most indulgent reinterpretations, here are the colombe by Muzzi Tommaso: 


For those who love tradition, Muzzi Tommaso’s Classic Vintage Colomba is the must-have dessert for Easter. Prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients: Italian candied fruit, fresh eggs, butter, and a crunchy glaze covered with sugar granules and almonds. It will win you over with its aroma and softness with every slice. 


For true sweet tooths, Muzzi Tommaso pastry shop has come up with two irresistible recipes.
The Pear and Chocolate Colomba: prepared with irresistible ingredients and the inevitable sourdough starter, chocolate chips and candied pears are added to the dough for a unique mix.

And then the Gran Chocolate Colomba with chocolate both in the dough and as an external covering. 


Make your Easter unique with the Colomba from Pasticceria Muzzi Tommaso! Come to Eataly Stockholm to discover the taste of Italian Easter.