Panettone Day – 20% off on all Panettoni and Pandori

Den italienska julkakan panettone på Eataly Stockholm

Get ready to discover Italy’s Christmas cakes amici. On November 27, it’s time for PANETTONE DAY – a whole day dedicated to the fluffy, rich Christmas cakes panettone and pandoro. And that means a 20% discount on all panettoni and pandori when you buy at least two at Eataly Stockholm’s market.

Learn all about the offer and the cakes below!


Whether you prefer the classic filled with candied fruit or modern varieties with nougat or chocolate, you will find your perfect panettone at Eataly Stockholm! With over 15 different types of the traditional Italian Christmas cake, there is something for every craving. With its unique, festive packaging, the panettone is also a perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. According to Italian tradition, it brings both happiness and prosperity to next year!

Panettone e Pandoro Party


If there is one must for Italians during the Christmas holidays, it is panettone. It is often combined with coffee or wine, and is enjoyed as a delicious dessert, afternoon snack or even breakfast! To give your slice an extra festive twist, combine it with whipped cream, fresh berries and dark chocolate – or why not a layer of pistachio cream. Come by our food market to bring the Italian Christmas home to you.


Panettone literally means “big bread” and is a sweet, eggy cake that traditionally is decorated with candied and dried fruit (although we love more modern varieties, such as hazelnuts or chocolate). It originally comes from Milan and takes up to 30 hours to rise (!), which means that even the most experienced  nonna usually buys her from her favorite bakery.

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