Panettone Day – November 26!

Panettone – not only your favourite Italian christmas dessert, best enjoyed during christmas and new year. This sweet bread is also the perfect gift and your everyday luxury treat.

Your Italian Christmas is perfected with a panettone at place. Tasty, fluffy and juicy, enjoyable and enriching. A unique cake bread with a long history. According to the myth, panettone was first created in Milan during the 15th century and still today it symbolizes luck and prosperity. Since then, panettone has positioned itself as a must-have Christmas classic.

Panettone translates best as “big bread” and is traditionally filled with candied fruit and raisins. But, new flavours are constantly evolving and at Eataly Stockholm you will find classics as well as modern twists. This year, we recommend: “Panettone Pere E Cioccolato” – a flavouring where candied pears and chocolate create a fresh and exciting encounter, “Panettone Farcito Al Gianduja” – with a creamy filling and coverage with chocolate and hazelnuts, and Pandoro with tiramisu and chocolate. And the best – you do not have to choose! You will need 1,2,3,4 or more panettone to satisfy everyone around the Italian christmas table.


Panettone Day – November 26!

Do not miss to celebrate Panettone day on November 26 – at Eataly Stockholm you will find all the flavors you love and the ones you did not even know existed. On Panettone day we offer 20% when buying at least 2. The offer applies to all panettone and pandoro.
Welcome to celebrate Panettone Day with us!