Pasta & Olive Oil – a match made in heaven

Olivolja och pasta på Eataly

A month dedicated to Italy’s best pasta and olive oils

Join us to celebrate two of Italy’s most beloved staples that we can’t live without: pasta and olive oil!

From April 27 to June 11, come to our market recipes, tips, discounts and free tastings, to our restaurant for pasta specials and discover fun and tasty event dedicated to pasta!

Discover what’s happening at Eataly Stockholm and come to treat yourself to the best of the best:

pastarätter prima


We love pasta, from tagliatelle and spaghetti to fusilli and ravioli. In our restaurant you can always enjoy the best Italian pasta dishes. And this month, even more!

Special sharing menu. Discover a three-course set menu to share with your chosen company: tomato bruschetta, a selection of cheese and cured meats and your choice of padella – a whole pan of one of our iconic pasta dishes!

Price: 350 sek/person.

Italiensk olivolja


Meet the producer: Alberto Triglia

Taste high-quality ravioli with a taste of Emilia Romagna. From April 27 to May 15 one of Italy’s best pasta producers, Alberto Triglia, will come to our market for free tastings, and exclusively sell their handmade pasta.

Taste, learn and bring home the taste of Emilia Romagna to your kitchen!

Tasting of olive oil

Want to learn more about olive oil? In our food market you will find over 50 different types of extra virgin olive oil. We always offer a selection of olive oils to taste, and our knowledgeable experts are ready to guide our big selection.

But don’t worry, we only have high-quality, extra virgin olive oils, so no matter which one you choose it will be a good one! It’s easy to shop at Eataly.

Olive Oil Days

Take your cooking to the next level with really good olive oil! And at an extra good price, too. From May 25 to May 28, enjoy 20% discount on all extra virgin olive oil (truffle oil excluded).

Stock your pantry, bring it as a gift, and enhance your meals!


All you can Eataly – Pasta Edition | May 10

Come to our last food fest All you can Eataly with extra much pasta! At the event you get to enjoy 1 drink from the list (wine, beer, Spritz) and an unlimited buffet with extra pasta for just 300 sek.

Buy your ticket and join us for amazing food, drinks and vibes!

Regional dinner with Triglia | May 11

Every Thursday, discover the taste of a new Italian region. In May, a selected pasta will be served as a main course during all regional dinners. On May 11, our guest – the pasta producer Alberto Triglia, will create a unique pasta from Emilia Romagna.

Italian Wine Fair – Pasta Edition | May 17

Come to taste, learn about and taste four different Italian wines!

On May 17, we invite you to our Italian wine fair with a special pasta theme. Choose four different wines to taste, enjoy an unlimited buffet with more pasta dishes than usual (and much more: pizza, cheese, charcuterie, fried…) and lovely atmosphere in our Italian piazza.

Ready to learn all about and enjoy pasta and olive oil? We can’t wait to see you in Biblioteksgatan 5!