Pizza week

The pizza oven runs hot at Eataly Stockholm in the end of November.  Welcome to a Neapolitan pizza night, pizza alla pala with Italian cousins ​​and a unique wine festival with a special focus on wine and pizza. November 22- 28. Save the dates in your calendar and make sure to swing by Eataly all week long and join us in our love for pizza.

Wine festival pizza edition. The festival where wine and food unite makes its entrance again on November 24 – now with extra focus on the dish we love the most; pizza.


Neapolitan pizza night. This week is all about celebrating the many styles of pizza making. Make sure to secure your spot to the events and book your spot. BOOK NAPOLETANA NIGHT


Pizza alla pala by Italian cousins. Try the unique style alla pala – straight from the streets in Rome. A perfected bite with fresh toppings, the perfect size allowing you to try many types. .

In addition to events and theme nights, we recommend a visit to our food market. Here you always find your favourite topping to enjoy just as it is, or for the ambitious one – to create homemade pizza from. Come for eating, shopping and learning.