Experience Regional Themed Dinners


Take the chance to explore culinary traditions, from south to north, with our regional dinners! At each dinner, you get a unique chance to taste unexplored food from a new region. Discover how you can come and enjoy authentic food craft from carefully chosen Italian dream spots at Eataly Stockholm.


Dinner in Rome

On May 11, it is time to discover dishes from the Lazio – the home of the eternal city Rome! No city in Italy is as associated with pasta as Rome. Did you know, for example, that the classic Carbonara was born there?

Get ready for an evening in Rome and a delicious three-course dinner with pasta in focus!

WHERE: La Piazza
WHEN: May 11
PRICE: 295 sek (+250 sek for optional wine package)




Panzanella Romana
Typical bread salad with tomato, onions and cucumber.

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe con carciofi fritti
Homemade fresh pasta with creamy Pecorino and black pepper sauce, topped with deep fried artichokes.

Crostata di Ricotta
Home-made pie filled with buffalo ricotta and chocolate chips



Spring is here – discover regional food at the Italian piazza of Stockholm!