Experience Eataly Sommardagar

This summer, Eataly is transformed into an Italian summer terrace – a place to enjoy and retrieve energy at. In a surrounding filled with greens and life, we truly hope our terrace will bring back summer memories, and welcome you to a moment of enjoyment. We offer you a menu with the best seasonal ingredients, carefully selected – all in order to give you a genuine taste of Italy, without you needing to leave Stockholm. Wine and dine, with friends and family, gather to enjoy fresh wines and the traditional Italian kitchen. When you step through our doors an Italian warm breeze embraces you – Benvenuti!


Eataly Restaurant Sommardagar is open until the 26th of August.
After this date we will open our beloved La Piazza again. 


Apertivo – fresh to start with
Do as in Italy and make apertivo the highlight of your summer routine. We might be partial, but no one celebrates “happy hour” as the Italians. Retrieved from Italian aprire, which means “to open”, apertivo is all about wakening your test buds with a fresh drink prior to dinner.  Our menu offers a variety of classic cocktails, but also some exciting news with a summery twist. To try the new Vetz Spritz is a must, or why not go class

ic Bellini – a drink created with prosecco and white peach in the most perfect blend. It will not get more summery than that.

Seasonal flavours

Pasta and Pizza. These Italian classic dishes have dedicated spots on our menu all year, but Calzone estivo is the Calzone of the summer – a pizza with buffel mozarella, prosciutto crudo, ruccola and sweet tomatoes datterini. With inspiration taken from the Italian vacation resorts we love, we also offer a variety of fresh small dishes to share and combine. For example, our menu with antipasti attracts with hard-to-beat-bruschetta, made with ricottacheese, mushroom and black sumer truffle.





Gelato Italiano
With a taste of flor di latte, cioccolato or sweet and fresh raspberry, gelato italiano is the cooling must in all ages. By our entrance you will find italian gelato made after Italian traditions. Our producer of gelato, Venchi, was founded in Piemonte in 1878 and still today only works with the finest ingredients.


Experience Eataly Events

Eager to learn the best wine tasting techniques or does the header “Pink Night” sound appealing? Eataly Events during Eataly Sommardagar are many and each event individually creates a new opportunity to experince a culinary journey into Italian summer with new and fresh flavours.

Our Thursday alarm sais, Wine O’ Clock.  Wednesdays on the other hand are the days that we are teaming up with Apertivo Stockholm and invites you and your friends to a night with an Italian, relaxed summer bar – every wednesday all summer is Vetz Night.  Stay updated on our website and follow us on Instagram  @eatalysthlm. 



A taste of Italian summer without the journey.
Eataly Sommardagar – your Italian Summer Terrace in the heart of Stockholm.