Vetz Night: the summerbar with delicious and cooling drinks

Everyones favourite cocktail ingredient, also known as the “summer feel booster”, finds its given place in the summer drink of the year: Vetz Spritz

Cooled by ice cubes and accompanied by lemon or orange, the Vetz drink is refreshing as few. A warm summer night with Vetz goes under the name of Vetz night. Welcome to enjoy Italian summer vibes and celebrate the spritz culture at Eataly.

Stockholm based Vetz Team has created a renowned buzz around their events, and this summer the company is teaming up with Eataly Stockholm to create a world class experience with Italian vibes. It is no coincidence that it is to be expected an experience to remember. With great attention to details and knowledge about how a summer bar offering apertivo with great, refreshing cocktails should look like, the two collaborators promise summer events to remember. Every Wednesday. All summer.

– Our customers have high expectations on our events, and for this one we are building the concept around the best drink ingredient on the market, so we promise a superior event with high quality and summer vibes, sais Mattia Gramaglia, Eataly Stockholm.


Vetz is an outstanding apertivo, crafted in order to bring joyful moments to its consumers. Eataly Sommardagar is no different but days to travel with your senses to the Italian summer, meet new people and enjoy exciting flavours.


Welcome to enjoy the summer bar Vetz Night!


WHEN: Every Wednesday, July & August

PRICE: 225 sek

WHAT: 1 drink (vetz drink or glass of wine) + tagliere misto (selection of our best aperitivo food – pizza alla pala, olives, taralli).