The original idea behind Eataly is very simple: to gather all the high-quality Italian foods under one roof, where you can eat, shop and learn. Oscar Farinetti first envisioned the Eataly concept in 2002, and, after five years of researching and planning, opened the first store in Torino, Italy, in January 2007. Since 2004, Eataly has created and purchased shares in sustainable food and drink companies. Today, Eataly owns or is a partner in more than 19 companies that produce or distribute high-quality Italian products, including: natural spring water, all-natural sodas and juices, fresh and cured meats, fresh and aged cheeses, egg and bronze-extruded pasta, and pastries.

Eataly pizza

There are 40 Eataly stores around the world, with the majority concentrated in italy. Other locations worldwide are in Japan, South Korea, the USA, Brazil, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Germany, and now Sweden. In November, 2017 Eataly opened the much anticipated FICO Eataly World, in Bologna, a northern city often called the capital of Italian gastronomy. More farm than theme park, FICO Eataly World is dedicated to sharing the biodiversity of Italian cuisine with the world through its fields, workshops, markets, restaurants, and classrooms, all open to the public and ready for you to explore. Within the next couple of years, Eataly will keep expanding, opening other locations around the world among which our first in Canada, Toronto, the next one in the U.S. Las Vegas, Paris and London, plus continuous expansion in the Middle East…however, the best has yet to come and the future is bright.

Experiencing Eataly is simple


We serve straightforward, simple food, for those who want to experience authentic Italian cuisine. We believe that with a few, high-quality ingredients it is possible to prepare great-tasting and satisfying dishes. From the full-service restaurants to casual dining and quick-service counters for those on-the-go, at Eataly eating is simple.


We present high-quality products from Italy and the best products from our host country and city. We offer a wide variety of food products, from artisanal producers to the rare, one of a kind production, from pasta to biscuits,
to fresh bread, to the best cheeses and cured meats, at Eataly shopping for high-quality food is simple.


We provide many opportunities to learn about Italian food, culture and beyond though courses, guided tastings, demonstrations and special events. We believe that the more you know, the more you enjoy, at Eataly learning is