Gelato at Eataly Stockholm

gelato eataly stockholm

There is nothing that tastes like Italian Summer such as gelato. Every day, you can enjoy these smooth, perfectly sweet treats frozen to perfection at Eataly Stockholm.

We believe that gelato and sorbetto are appropriate in any season and at any time of day. Our team makes small batches of these frozen treats daily, using only the highest quality ingredients. In fact, our Italian ice cream and sorbet are the only products frozen inside all of Eataly! We only use the finest ingredients and our sorbetto is made with real, whole fruit and is both dairy-free and egg-free.

You find our gelato counter straight in from our main entrance by our Caffetteria. Discover our tasty selection, from classic flavors such as chocolate and hazelnut to stracciatella and the sorbetto of the day. Or, why not try caffè affogato –  a classic Italian treat made by pouring a shot of hot espresso over vanilla ice cream.

Want to learn how to make your own gelato? Dive into a world of gelato and learn the secret behind these delicacies from our experienced chef. Of course, it includes different tastings of the gelato our chef creates on the spot.

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gelato strut eataly stockholm

Welcome to Eataly Stockholm enjoy the best gelato, in heart of Östermalm.